Newspaper: The US State Department wants to avoid imposing new sanctions on “North Stream-2”


Newspaper: The US State Department wants to avoid imposing new sanctions on


The US State Department building in Washington

The American newspaper “The Hill” reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden opposes the initiative of some members of Congress to impose new sanctions on the Russian gas project, “North Stream-2”.

The newspaper wrote: “It is a difficult moment for Biden, as he wants to be cautious about German economic interests, but at the same time he is under pressure due to Moscow’s increasingly hostile attitude towards Ukraine.”

It added that the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, called for the suspension of an amendment to the draft defense budget that would impose new sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG and other companies involved in testing and registering the Russian gas pipeline. Especially since the authors of the amendment, Republican Senators James Risch and Ted Cruz, faced last Thursday a refusal to hold a vote on their initiative due to an “unknown procedural obstacle in the House of Representatives.”

The newspaper pointed out that the two senators are still insisting on making this amendment. The vote on it is expected to be very tough, especially for representatives of the Democratic Party who support sanctions against Russia, and their position in this area contrasts with that of the Biden administration.

Starting in 2019, the law “On Protection of European Energy Security” operates in the United States. Initially, this law provided for imposing penalties on companies owning ships participating in the construction of the Russian gas pipeline. In October 2020, the law became effective for companies that provide services, equipment and funds to modernize and supply ships involved in the construction of “North Stream-2”. In May, Blinken announced that stopping the implementation of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG, its president, Matthias Varnega, and the company’s workers would be in the US national interest.

Source: RIA Novosti

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