Olaf Schulz, the new German chancellor, who is he?


"If you want Schultz, you vote for the SPD" Olaf Schultz presented himself as an ongoing candidate in his campaign

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“If you want Schultz, you vote SPD” – Olaf Schultz presented himself as a running candidate in his campaign

The leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, Olaf Schulz, who won Germany’s general elections, struck a deal with two other parties that secured him the position of chancellor to succeed Merkel.

The current German finance minister, Schulz, aged 63, was nicknamed the apathetic or “Schultzomat”, but he has managed to bypass the image of a robot-like technocrat and reach a governing agreement with the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.

The former mayor of Hamburg promised voters to continue the current approach even though he is the candidate of the rival Social Democratic Party.

His pragmatic handling of the Covid crisis has earned him praise and high approval ratings. His critics attacked him, accusing him of failing in two major financial scandals.

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