Omar Kamal comments on the reason for changing the words “liquor and hashish” to dates and milk at the Riyadh season party


Publish festival singer Omar KamalA video clip on his official and personal account, on the social networking siteFacebookThrough it, he revealed the change of the cuplet of the Bint Al Jeeran Festival from wine and hashish to a cup of dates and milk.

This caused a sensation on the social media pages, especially after he revived a concert yesterday evening, at one of the concerts. Riyadh season 2021, and Omar Kamal commented through a post on the matter, during which the Google search engine was issued.

Omar Kamal responded to the reason for changing the cup of wine and hashish to the cup of dates and milk, during his comment on the publication of the Al-Watan website, and said, “It is not appropriate for the pure country that is standing on its land, and in implementation of the instructions of Captain Hani Shaker.

Omar Kamal
Omar Kamal

The post witnessed a great interaction on the social media, and the comments came from it, a person wrote and said frankly, you are a strong voice, and I personally appreciate you, while another person commented and said, “Our Lord guides the beginning of the rain, a drop, is it milk and dates a year, God help.”

It is mentioned that Omar Kamal He published a video clip and appeared on the stage, singing the Neighbor’s Girl Festival, and during her singing, he was keen to change the coupe of wine and hashish, to the coupe of dates and milk, which sparked a lot of controversy.

In another context, the singer Omar Kamal stated that he is currently preparing to introduce new reciters, in order to record the Noble Qur’an with their voices, and this is done in his production company, which he established in his name about 8 months ago.

Kamal said, through his statements, that his company’s production will not be limited to songs only, but extends to recording the Holy Qur’an with the voices of new reciters, and he will start during the coming period to implement this step, and stressed that he will not record the Qur’an in his own voice.


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