“Omicron’s setback” .. Johnson comments on the possibility of returning to closure


و .علن Johnson, during a press conference in London, about plans to give the third and booster dose of the vaccine against CoronaFor all adults over the age of 18 in Britain, starting next January.

The British Prime Minister indicated that 400 members of the British army They will help in the process of distributing vaccines against the Corona virus, amid great fears that the situation will worsen due to the recently detected “Omicron” mutant.

Johnson added, “I know the frustration we all feel about this new mutation”, which is likely to be more dangerous, because of the mutations it is experiencing, which may make it spread faster and more lethal to infected people.

Meanwhile, Oxford University said, today, Tuesday, that there is no evidence that currently available vaccines against the Corona virus cannot prevent infection with the “Omicron” mutant.

The university added that it is ready to develop an updated version of its anti-Covid-19 vaccine, “AstraZeneca”, if necessary, noting that it has the appropriate means to develop the vaccine.

The University of Oxford indicated that there is limited data on Omicron so far, and that it will carefully evaluate the impact of the new mutation on the vaccine.

Earlier on Tuesday, the president of drug maker Moderna said it was not likely that vaccines against COVID-19 would be as effective with the mutated Omicron strain of coronavirus as with the Delta strain.

These statements raised new concern in financial markets about the course of the pandemic.

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