Osama Nabih: Zamalek “Tabouna” and a senior official sacrificed a young couple to join his son


reveal Osama Nabih The former general coach of Zamalek club, about the scenes of the crises that struck the corridors of the White Castle during the last period and before his departure, describing what is happening inside the club as “Tabouna.”

Nabih said in televised statements on the “On Time Sports 2” satellite channel: “A senior official in Zamalek club sacrificed the duo Ahmed Eid and Ahmed Mahmoud in order to include his son from Wadi Degla, signed a contract for him, and registered him knowing that the club is deprived of registration, Zamalek Club. (Tabouna), this official knows himself and I will not reveal his name.”

He added: “Carteron was only thinking about his dues, without looking at the rest of the apparatus, and this is the case for foreigners as stipulated in his contract.”

He continued: “Ahmed Fattouh left the camp before the Mahalla match because of his dues and returned to apologize, then we excluded him in the next match against Al Ittihad of Alexandria.”

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And he continued, “I do not know if Carteron was seeking (to piss me off) out of fear of me or not, but I think he was (worried about my presence), and Mahmoud Jensh left Zamalek due to a crisis with the Frenchman in the Ceramica match, when he objected to his sitting back up, and the manager decided at that time. The technician was not even on the bench, so we called Mohamed Awad.

And he added, “Carteron and I agreed to exchange guards and that whoever erred will sit back up, and we agreed to leave 6 Zamalek players, but the restriction crisis prevented us.”

Regarding the departure of Hussein Faisal to Smouha and his brilliance and his joining the Egyptian national team, Nabih said: “He is a good player, but in his last periods he was absent from training a lot, and he came back to us from one of the holidays with an injury, and I also put him on the loan list in order to have a chance to participate with Yusef’s sons.

He stressed: “The next crisis is that Youssef Nabih must go out on loan, and this is what I did when I was a coach, but Carteron asked to keep Youssef because he will be enrolled in the five under age group, and he will be an addition to the team, according to the Frenchman.”

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And he continued, “And as I left the apparatus, I told Carteron, if you allow, if there is a chance for Youssef with the first team, let him get it.”

And he continued: “I want to return to Zamalek as a general coach again, because it is my home, and the five-year loss from Al-Ahly is borne by Carteron and the players, and Ashraf bin Sharqi’s procrastination in the renewal must be met with a bold technical decision.”

و :تم: “Carlos Queiroz He must give a token to the Egyptian fans by winning the Arab Cup, and the Egyptian League players can win that tournament, and excluding Tariq Hamed from the list is strange.”

And he concluded: “The biggest surprise in the exclusions of the Gabon match was Ramadan Sobhi, the best midfield duo Tariq Hamed and Al-Sulayya, Al-Ahly, the strongest list in the league, and Carteron, the best coach in Egypt currently, because he won the league.”


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