“Postpone the travel” .. the World Health Organization sends an urgent appeal to these people


The World Health Organization has advised people over the age of 60 to postpone their travel, if they are planning to travel during that period, in order to avoid being infected with the new Corona mutant “Omicron”, according to “Al Arabiya” channel, in urgent news.

In a previous statement, the United Nations described the Omicron mutator as “alarming”, which caused the world to panic, which was preparing to know what would result from the spread of the new version of Corona that appeared in South Africa, and spread to a number of countries, including France, Russia, Canada, Sweden and Italy, and finally Today, Tuesday, Brazil announced the registration of the first two cases of the Omicron mutant.

Accordingly, some countries have suspended travel to and from South Africa, and prevented entry to those coming from it, and other countries have raised the state of maximum readiness at airports to monitor cases infected with the new strain.

The World Health Organization had called on countries to take “rational” measures to confront the new Corona mutator, and urged the vaccination of priority groups with anti-Coronavirus vaccines.

In this context, vaccine developers are working to modify corona vaccines to be able to confront the new mutant, which differs in its “protein fork” from the previous mutant.


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