President K: Salah is the best in the world.. Egypt can win


Patrice Motsepe, president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), stated that Mohamed Salah is the best player in the world, and considered that the Egyptian team is capable of winning the World Cup one day.

In his statements to Ontime Sports, Motsebi said, “I think that the Egyptian people should be proud of what they have achieved. African peoples should also be proud because Egypt’s success is a success for all of Africa, not just Egypt.”

He continued, “The passage of 100 years of football in Egypt, an unparalleled success, and I came here because Egypt is our country, and I give it all respect. We are proud of what Egypt has achieved, and we seek to deal with Egypt because it is a unique country.”

As for his opinion of the Egyptian national team, he said: “I am looking forward to the World Cup in Qatar, and this is important for me, because Egypt is always on top in the African Nations Cup.”

He added, “But in the World Cup, Egypt is one of the countries that can go far and achieve great results in it, but one of my goals is for an African country to win the World Cup, and Egypt is one of the countries that gives us this hope, whether in the current or next World Cup.”

And he talked about preparing for the African Cup of Nations, saying: “The African Cup of Nations is a very important event, and it must be wonderfully arranged and organized, and I went to Cameroon more than two or three times to make sure that things will be good, and I am sure that they will achieve great success.” .

Regarding Salah’s eligibility to win the award for the best player, he said: “There is no doubt at all, Salah in my opinion is the best, I love Messi and Ronaldo, but I am an African, and therefore I am not neutral here, and I am proud of Mohamed Salah.”

He concluded, “I say to my Egyptian friends, and the Egyptian fans, you are the best in the world, I came here with Sundowns, and you are a great country. The people here are more than wonderful and they are inspiring to the African people and the African nation.”


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