Princess Donia Batma launches a show in the Moroccan Abaya


The Moroccan actress Donia Butma She published a new video of her on her personal account on the social networking site to share her video and photos “Instagram”, where she appeared wearing the Moroccan abaya, dancing and singing at a wedding.

وعلقت Donia Butma On the video, she said, “Congratulations, the precious Diyala, to Ghazala Anisa, who is raised, so honor you, God willing, and may God bless our mountains.

Donia Batma received a lot of comments on the video, such as: Oh, you saw Lina humility, how did you manage, and I voted, and Takchita? How did you manage? May God bless you. The world is normal and popular, machines that are not bloated, do not fog up in any case, and the units of Al-Hara Froscom.

It is reported that Dina Batma was severely attacked during the previous period due to the change of her shape due to the plastic surgeries she underwent, in addition to the fact that she gained excess weight.


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