Protests return.. Lebanon wakes up to “road blockages”


A “Sky News Arabia” reporter reported that residents blocked roads inside the capital BeirutThe same thing happened in Sidon in the south of the country and in Tripoli in the north.

Invitations were circulated, Sunday, via Social media, urged to cut off the roads, without clear identity of the inviting.

These invitations stated: “Because of the current conditions in the country and the insane rise in the exchange rate dollarAnd the difficult economic and humiliating medical situation and access to the bottom of Hell, tomorrow (Monday) will cut off roads and resume movement on the street.”

Blocking roads is a usual method of protest in LebanonAnd it has been repeated repeatedly since the country’s economic crisis worsened in 2019.

value collapsed Lebanese pound Significantly, one dollar became equal to 25,000 pounds in recent days, knowing that a dollar was equal to 1,500 pounds two years ago.

With the lira losing more than 90 percent of its value against the dollar on the black market within two years, the purchasing power of the Lebanese has deteriorated, and the minimum wage is now under the $30 threshold.

He did not form a government Najib Mikati Last September, it sought to mitigate the collapse of the lira, although it ended months of political paralysis.

For more than a month, the government has not held any meeting with Hezbollah and its allies boycotting the sessions, before deciding on the fate of the judicial investigator in the explosion of Beirut Port that occurred in August 2020, as they demand his removal, accusing him of “politicizing” the investigation.

Lebanon’s crisis with the Gulf states, due to statements by Minister of Information George Kordahi, worsened the situation.

Lebanon is reeling under the weight of an economic meltdown described by the World Bank as one of the worst recessions in modern history, and the crisis is largely due to decades of corruption and mismanagement by political elites.

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