Providing medical services to 932 women within the “Mother and Fetal Health” initiative in Kafr El-Sheikh


Today, Tuesday, Dr. Sawsan Salam, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Kafr El-Sheikh, confirmed that the medical teams, at the initiative of President El-Sisi, to support the health of the mother and fetus, provided medical services and conducted the necessary examinations for 932 cases during the past week, and the number reached more than 51,000 pregnant women, since The launch of the presidential initiative the first of November of last year.

Today, Tuesday, the Undersecretary of the Ministry stated that the medical teams in the initiative have provided medical services to 51,697 pregnant women in Kafr El-Sheikh so far, noting that the initiative aims to reach a generation of children who are healthy and free of diseases transmitted from mother to fetus, and to reduce deaths caused by Those diseases, which target pregnant women from the first day of pregnancy until birth, in order to detect early various infectious diseases transmitted from the mother to the fetus and all diseases that may affect the health of the fetus, to prevent their transmission to him.

She indicated that pregnant women with diabetes and blood pressure are detected, and follow-up and treatment services are provided through the medical centers and health units in the governorate, and those who are discovered to be infected are directed and referred to receive the necessary evaluation and treatment at the specific referral hospitals in the governorate, according to the type of disease the mother has.

She explained that the quality of the routine services it provides has been activated and improved within the protocol for the care of pregnant women through maternal and child care services, noting that it has been ensured that medical clinics and examination places are equipped, and that medical supplies are available in them, stressing the medical teams privacy of examination places, and confidentiality of results. And good treatment of women, and a good reception for those reluctant to the presidential initiative.


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