Putin: We tested a missile with a speed of Mach 9, which reaches whoever gives orders to Ukraine in 5 minutes


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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has successfully tested hypersonic weapons up to Mach 9, and soon these weapons will appear in the country.

Putin warned of the consequences of deploying offensive weapons and systems in Ukraine, and said: “If some kind of clash (war) system appears on the territory of Ukraine, the duration of the trip (these missile weapons) to Moscow will be from seven to ten minutes, and in the case of placing hypersonic weapons. The sound will arrive in five minutes.

Putin indicated that in this case Russia would have to “make something similar” with regard to these threats, and the Russian president emphasized that Moscow is able to do so now.

“Now we have successfully tested (a new missile), and from the beginning of the year we will be armed with new hypersonic Mach 9 naval missiles,” Putin said, in statements he made during a remote investment forum, in response to these threats coming from the Ukrainian border.

Russian super missile - Sputnik Arabic

Russian super missile

Russian super missile

In his speech, Putin noted the time it takes for these new missiles to reach their supposed targets and to those who issue these orders to Ukraine, and said: “The flight duration for those who issue orders will also be 5 minutes.”

The Russian president added: “Where are we going? Why do we do this? They create such threats, and there are red lines for us (Russia), but I hope they don’t go that far. I hope that (the West) will have a sense of reason and responsibility towards their countries and society.” international”.

And the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, had said earlier that the activity of “NATO” (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) near Russias borders imposes the need for further development of the Russian armed forces.

© Photo / Ministry of DefenceGraphic image of the Russian nuclear-powered winged missile

Graphic image of the Russian winged missile equipped with a nuclear engine - Sputnik Arabic

Graphic image of the Russian nuclear-powered winged missile

Graphic image of the Russian nuclear-powered winged missile

The Russian President had indicated at the meeting of the Russian defense industries, which was held on 3 November to be missiles The hypersonic “Zirkon” will enter service in the Russian Navy in 2022

This class of missiles “Zirkon” is considered the world’s first hypersonic missile, which is capable of continuous aerodynamic flight with maneuvering in the atmosphere using the thrust of its own engine and has a range of between 1000 and 2000 km, and deliveries of new missiles to the Russian fleet may begin in 2022.

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