Rashwan Tawfik’s daughter: “His money is free to him.”


The family crisis that the Egyptian artist’s family is going through continues Rashwan Tawfik ongoing.

After the great controversy following his statements about his youngest daughter’s filing a case against him regarding inheritance, his other daughter, the media, Heba Rashwan Tawfiq, broke her silence.

And she said in a media statement, Tuesday, that the money is her father’s money, stressing that he is free to do with it and how to distribute it.

She also responded to what her nephew said in a previous statement, about his intention to file a defamation lawsuit, that her conversation with her father was clear and did not carry any kind of abuse or defamation, stressing that the young man’s words were acceptable to him.

She added that she and her father confirmed that there was a case and a family crisis without mentioning any details, wondering about the defamation in her words.

Big shock and more support

It is noteworthy that a state of shock and amazement experienced by everyone in Egypt, after the artist Rashwan Tawfik announced the great tragedy he is currently experiencing because of his youngest daughter, after she sued him with the help of her husband and son, in order to control what he owns, despite the fact that he no longer owns Something at the moment, which made him live in a very bad psychological state.

Al-Arabiya.net contacted the able artist, who confirmed that he had received hundreds of calls to support him in his crisis, which made him turn off the phone because he was unable to answer.

In addition, he stressed that the whole matter would end if the other party retracted the cases filed, considering that what happened to him was “the heart of all of Egypt,” as he put it.

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