Report: Malware infects 9 million Android phones


A report by TheSun newspaper has warned Android users of dangerous malware that has infected more than 9 million phones Trojan horse malware has been discovered to steal information on more than 190 apps installed on about 9.3 million devices by Huawei’s AppGallery.

The Trojan horse loaded on these AppGallery apps is known as “Android.Cynos.7.origin”, according to Bleeping Computer, and it was spotted by Dr Web AV researchers.

Dr. Web has reportedly notified Huawei, a Chinese technology company, of the threat and has worked to remove infected apps from AppGallery.

The infected applications were very dangerous because the data theft malware was hidden in different applications all working as advertised.

The list of infected apps is too long to fully share, but Bleeping Computer has listed some popular apps like Hurry Up, Hide, Cat, and others.

A Huawei spokesperson said they were aware of the Android threat and were working to remove infected apps.

He continued, “AppGallery’s built-in security system quickly identified potential risks within these apps, and we’re now actively working with affected developers to troubleshoot their apps.


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