Residents bind a person in a lamppost in Ismailia, in the belief that he had kidnapped a child


The security services revealed the circumstances of circulating a video clip on social media, including the arrest of a number of people’s families and beating him, claiming that he had previously attempted to kidnap a girl in Ismailia, as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to reveal the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip on social media, in which a number of citizens of the governorate Ismailia arrested a person, tied him to a lamppost and beat him for trying to kidnap a girl.

On examination, it was found that one of the citizens submitted a report to the Abu Suwayr Police Station in Ismailia, arresting a person in the center’s department. By moving and checking, a (driver – residing in the same district) was interviewed, and by his question, he admitted that one of the people had tried to kidnap (his daughter – 7 years) a few days ago while she was having fun in front of the house On the date of the incident, he witnessed the aforementioned when he was riding in a “Trucycle” vehicle without plates, so he caught him, and it was found that he (without work – residing in the Al-Qassas Police Station) “has bruises and abrasions on the face.”

Confronting the aforementioned, he denied committing the incident, and accused the whistleblower and others of tying him to one of the lighting poles and assaulting him with insults and beatings, and causing his injury. He did not justify the reason for their accusation against him.

Legal measures were taken, and the Public Prosecution office, which conducted the investigation, was presented.

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