Russian immunologist: Repeated vaccination constitutes a hit dose of antibodies


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Russian immunologist: Repeated vaccination constitutes a hit dose of antibodies

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Repeated vaccination 6 months after receiving the first vaccine or infection with “Covid” allows the production of a striking dose of antibodies to the Corona virus.

This was announced by the Russian immunologist, Vladimir Polybuk, in an interview he gave Thursday, November 11 to the Russian online portal URA.RU. He said, “If the vaccine against the Corona virus is received for the first time, the immune system will produce a high level of antigens, but its quantity will decrease rapidly, given the capabilities of the immune system.”

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The specialist explained that the human body expends antibodies in the absence of contact with the infection, as it has to consume energy and protein in order to keep them. In the event of infection with the virus again or repeated vaccination, memory cells are activated.

He explained that the immunity at the cell level is a long-term immunity, and that its effect is valid for a period of more than 5 months, and the amount of antibodies will be enormous. He said he had recorded an amount between 2,000 and 5,600 degrees for one milliliter.

The doctor indicated that only repeated vaccination gives striking protection against the Corona virus. It is considered a safer way to maintain an immune system capable of fighting infection.

The Russian immunologist Dr. Nikolai Kryuchkov said that 1000 antibodies are sufficient to protect the human body from “Covid-19” by 95%.

Source: RIA Novosti


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