sad tragedy; The star of the series, Hajj Metwally.. Selfishly, her family’s greed for her money made her crazy and homeless in the streets.. and what happened to her with the fisherman. It was painful and unexpected!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>A fisherman named Baha Ali Salem revealed shocking information about the artist Marwa Mohamed, who played the role of extras in the series "The Family of Hajja Metwally", and who has been living in harsh conditions for nearly 15 years.


Al-Sayyad said that Marwa Muhammad was living in a nest next to his house, so he took care of her during those years, and tried to convey her voice to the media, until she entered the Council of Ministers, to treat her and place her in Al Maamoura Mental Health Hospital, but Marwa’s treatment was not completed.

In statements carried by “Hun” magazine, the fisherman accused the brothers of Marwa Muhammad, and the Maan to Save a Human Foundation, of neglecting her and causing her condition to deteriorate.

The fisherman, Baha Ali Salem, Marwas neighbor, added that the extras did not complete her psychological treatment in the Mamoura Mental Health Clinic, but left without a complete treatment, and her main problem was addiction and violence, accusing her brothers of neglect,

Because they want to seize her money: “They sold her cousin to the clinic for cigarettes and drugs to enter, so that she would prefer an addict as she is and be treated, and I preferred that until the Ma’an Foundation took possession of her to save a person, and I stayed there for only one week, and then I walked away from her.”

The full story of the trip
Salem added that the foundation left Marwa to her brothers while they coveted her: “Marwa was married and had an apartment, an Arab, and money approximately 2 million pounds, and her sisters wanted her to be psychologically tired throughout her life, and she was addicted so that they could seize this money when she died, and here the role of institutions was inactive, and wrong. And it was necessary to deliver Marwa to her sisters, because they were originally throwing her in the street, and no one among them took care of her, when she was addicted, on the contrary, I handed her over, originally to be treated.”

In response to the accusations, Mahmoud Waheed, director of the Together to Save a Human Foundation, said in exclusive statements to “Henn”: “Marwa surrendered to her sister, and she is fully recovered, but we can say that she recovered by 50%, but much better than the first,

And her sister asked to receive it, so she handed it over to her, because the place and psychological comfort of the inmates with the family is much better, and this contributes to the treatment,

And it is not as some claim, that the institution was the one who asked to hand it over, not the other way around, what happened is that her sister came by herself and asked to receive it.”

The director of the Ma’an to Save a Human Foundation continues: “If her sisters work for her like this, and they want her addicted, I can’t be certain, she has a brother who actually works on tuk-tuk, and his conditions are bad, and he doesn’t want to be responsible for her, and he threw her and sold her, but her sister’s conditions are better, and she asked to take her, even if her sisters who They worked in it like this, and they are the ones who threw it because she has money, we have a follow-up for 3 months, and if it relapses, we go back to take it and treat it again, and originally in 3 sides that follow the case.”
Regarding the institution’s accusation that Marwa was not treated, Waheed replied: “We are a nursing home, we are not treated at all, and we have a sealed letter that we will not receive psychiatric cases, because we are not a psychiatric hospital, and Marwa was in a psychiatric clinic, and if you are completely treated, it remains from the hospital, we have care. Just,

She eats, drinks and does activities, and she has a problem that she was violent. She cannot enter the house, because it was a danger to the inmates, and the sanatorium went, and the sanatorium admitted that she was afraid, and our role is that she comes to us and receives care.”

And he continues: “I sat for a week and we said that her condition needed treatment and was troubled, and she is still recovering and we have been in contact with doctors and psychologists, and her condition has improved a little, and she is better than the first,

But she is still violent and she is still not treated, and we cannot treat her psychologically, at this time we resort to the prime minister, and she is transforming, because they are not accepted by any party, or the first-degree parents treat her, like her sister who took her, and who if I do not want her, she will not come, on the contrary, she is the one who contacted I asked that she take Marwa.”

And the director of the Together to Save a Human Foundation concluded: “We did not have a problem and we threw it under her sister’s house. She was the one who asked, so thank you.

And that is why we do not want to show bad faith other than when something new happens, and we see for 3 months the situation is stable or what, and if Marwa’s sister is not responsible, we will find her in the street again, and we will start doing the procedures from the first, and we will enter her into a psychiatric clinic.”


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