Shalaby: The date of the Club World Cup must be modified..and we trust FIFA


Saad Shalaby, Executive Director of Al-Ahly Club, spoke about the draw for the Club World Cup that was held today, Monday, in addition to a crisis that contradicts the World Cup date with the African Nations Cup.

The draw for the Club World Cup resulted in Al-Ahly facing the Mexican team Monterrey and, in the event of victory, facing the Brazilian Palmeiras team.

Shalaby said, during statements on the “Hazrat Al-Muwatin” program broadcast on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel: We have not received any official letter yet from the International Football Association regarding the Club World Cup matches, but what was published must be coordinated with everyone.“.

He continued, “We have prepared 3 letters to be sent to the International Federation of Football, the Egyptian and the African, in order to address this matter because Al-Ahly club will be greatly affected, without the teams participating in the tournament.”“.

He continued, “I trust the officials of the Egyptian Football Association that they will contact FIFA to resolve this matter, because there are 7 players from the team in the Egyptian national team, along with professional players in Tunisia, Mali, South Africa and Morocco.”“.

He concluded: “If the tournament date is brought forward by a week, the matter will be clearly resolved, and we trust the FIFA and the officials.”


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