She burned his heart on her.. the confessions of the accused of setting fire to a citizen’s car in October


A woman admitted setting fire to an angel’s car in retaliation for its owner, as she used others to commit the crime, stressing that she tried to burn his heart on her, after the disputes raged between them.

The Public Prosecution Office in southern Giza ordered the detention of 3 people for 4 days pending investigations; Accusing them of setting fire to an angel’s car in 6th of October City, in retaliation against its owner, and requested investigations by the security services about the incident; To find out the circumstances and circumstances.

And the detectives of the Giza Security Directorate arrested 3 people, including a woman, for accusing them of setting fire to an angel’s car, in retaliation against its owner due to differences between him and the accused, in 6 October City..

The Giza Security Directorate received a report from a person stating that his car had been set on fire, in 6th of October City, and that there was a criminal suspicion in the fire..

By conducting investigations, it was found that there were disputes between the owner of the car and a housewife, and that she and two other people were behind the crime, out of revenge. The detectives were able to arrest the accused, and a report was drawn up on the incident, and the competent prosecution was notified of the investigation.

And Article No. 375 bis A states: “Any person who personally or through others displays force or threatens or threatens violence with any of them, or uses it against the victim or with his spouse, one of his ascendants or descendants, shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine of no less than twenty thousand pounds. With the intent to intimidate him or intimidate him by inflicting any material or moral harm on him, damage his property, rob his money or obtain a benefit from him, or influence his will to impose power over him – or compel him to do an act or induce him to refrain from it to disrupt the implementation of laws or legislation or resist the authorities or Preventing the execution of enforceable judgments, orders or judicial procedures, or disturbing security or public tranquillity, whenever such act or threat is likely to inflict terror on the victim, disturb his security, peace or tranquility, endanger his life or safety, or cause harm to something. of his property or interests, or infringing upon his personal freedom, honor or reputation.

The penalty shall be temporary hard labor and a fine of no less than fifty thousand pounds if the act is committed by two or more persons, or by accompanying an animal that causes panic, or by carrying any weapons, canes, machines, tools, incendiary, caustic, naked, narcotics, hypnotic, or any other materials. harmful, or if the act is perpetrated on a female, or on a person who has not reached the full eighteen Gregorian years, and in all cases it is decided to place the convict under police surveillance for a period equal to the period of the sentence imposed“.

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