Signing for Zamalek and a quarrel with Hani.. Surprises announced by Mohamed Sharif


The past hours witnessed the appearance of Mohamed Sharif, a team player Al-Ahly On one of the television programs, during which he blew up several surprises, and statements that surprised the followers, including his dispute with Mohamed Hani and his signature of Zamalek.

Signature for Zamalek

Mohamed Hani revealed that he signed for the Zamalek team when Ihab Galal was technical director of the team, for 3 million pounds for 4 and a half seasons, in the presence of Ismail Youssef, the player’s agent, in addition to other players, but the deal failed because Al-Ahly entered into negotiations with Mohamed Antar at that time.

Sadness after contracting with Bwalya

Sharif said that he was sad after Al-Ahly contracted Walter Bwalya, especially that the reason for the sadness was sitting on the bench after contracting with Walter Bwalya, but “any Sharif” did not object or provoke crises and focused on his technical level only.

Turkey and Saudi offers

And Sharif blew a surprise that despite receiving offers before the start of the season from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the Saudi offer still exists, saying: “Mohamed Sharif is a striker. I received offers from the Turkish and Saudi leagues before the start of the current season, but the latter is still there.”

I hope Tariq Hamed will move to Al-Ahly

Mohamed Sherif said that Imad Miteb is the best striker in the history of Egypt, Ayman Ashraf is the best defender in Egypt, Amr Al-Solaya is the best midfielder, and the player I wish to join Al-Ahly is Tarek Hamed.

A fine after an argument with Hani

Muhammad Sharif indicated that Al-Ahly club had signed a fine on him, after an argument occurred between him and Mohamed Hani, the Al-Ahmar player as well.

I love Amr Diab and Yasmine Sabry

I would love to hear Amr Diab, who is the best singer, and with him is Baha Sultan, and I love to watch Yasmine Sabry, so Mohamed Sharif said about his artistic affiliation, and what he prefers in art and singing, adding: “In addition to hearing Elissa and Sherine, and if I were not a football player, I would be an officer.”


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