Slow death.. Prosecution reveals the cause of the death of a young man in the first assembly


A new mystery revealed by the investigations of the detectives after the body of a young man was found in the first assembly area, the New Cairo Prosecution received the detective report on the incident, which revealed the death of the young man after an overdose of narcotics, and there was no criminal suspicion of the incident.

And the incident began, when the First Settlement Police Department received a report that there was a dead young man’s body inside one of the apartments in the First Settlement area, and immediately the security services moved and found the body of a young man in his thirties wearing only his underwear and sitting on a sofa in the apartment’s salon.

Upon completion of the investigations, it was found that he died as a result of a severe drop in blood circulation due to an overdose of drugs.

Article 33 of the Penal Code stipulates that whoever engages in trafficking in narcotic drugs shall be punished with life imprisonment, ranging from 3 years rigorous imprisonment, to life imprisonment or death in some cases, and a fine of up to 100,000 Egyptian pounds, and it does not exceed 500,000 Egyptian pounds. Egyptian pound, and this is in the event that drugs or anything related to them are exported or imported from agricultural crops.

The Penal Code also stipulates in Article No. 34 that the penalty for drug trafficking within the community is up to life imprisonment and the death penalty according to the facts of the case, and if there are aggravating reasons for the penalty in the absence of aggravating circumstances for that..

The penalty for drug trafficking is commuted to be imprisoned for a period of one year and not to reach a period of 5 years, and a fine of no less than 200 Egyptian pounds and not up to 5,000 Egyptian pounds must be paid, and this is all in the case of the seized narcotic substances being weakly anesthetized. And natural narcotic substances, and this is due to the criminal lab and a report on the narcotic substances that were seized and the passports of the accused who were caught in flagrante delicto..

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