South Africa warns of the coming danger .. “Botswana” is spreading


Scientists had previously warned of a new mutant of the virus Corona, is more dangerous than its predecessors due to the presence of a huge number of mutations in it.

Scientists named the new mutant “Botswanaor “B.1. 1529″.

The first case of the “Botswana” mutant was diagnosed in the Republic of Botswana, in southern Africa, and 6 other cases were later found in South Africa, the neighboring country.

After that, an eighth infection was found in Hong Kong, which was for a traveler returning from South Africa.

“Unfortunately, we have discovered a new worrying mutation in South Africa,” South African virologist Tulio De said at a press conference on Thursday.

Scientists who discovered the “beta” mutant in South Africa considered that the “Botswana” mutant has a large number of mutations, which they estimated at 32 mutations.

At this stage, scientists do not know how effective anti-vaccines are in fighting this new mutation of the virus that causes “Covid-19” disease.

In general, sudden mutations allow viruses to adapt and make them more virulent, more able to evade natural immunity and vaccines.

Scientists say that this mutant can be a source of real concern, because the 32 mutations that were detected in the “spike protein” found on the surface of the Corona virus, enable it to evade human immunity easily, and thus the virus spreads rapidly among humans.

It is possible that the emergence of this new mutant caused the “escalating rise” in the number of “Covid-19” infections in recent weeks in South Africa, according to Health Minister Joe Vahla, who was present at the press conference held by the scientists.

South Africa, which fears the emergence of a new wave of the epidemic by the end of the year, is the most affected in the continent by the epidemic, with more than 2.9 million infections and more than 89,000 deaths.

An outbreak of the highly contagious delta mutant is now dominating the world after it was first detected in India.

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