South Korea and eating dogs .. a new plan to avoid international embarrassment


This move came after the chief said South Korea Moon Jae In, who is himself a dog lover, says this traditional practice must be stopped to avoid international embarrassment.

I love you dogs A major part of South Korean cuisine, it is believed that the country consumes about 1.5 million dogs annually, although consumption has decreased significantly over the past years.

And a number of South Koreans now consider dogs to be dogs animals Pets deserve attention and care, not eating.

And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, government offices, including the Ministry of Agriculture, have formed a working group to provide recommendations on banning the consumption of dog meat.

She explained that the task of the task force is to collect information about dog farms, restaurants and other facilities, as well as to know what people think of this step.

The working group is composed of officials, civilian experts and people from relevant organizations.

In addition to South Korea, dog meat is a delicacy in North Korea, China and Vietnam.

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