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Arts – Amir Tohamy wrote on Monday, November 29, 2021 2:13 pm – The dancer, her husband, her religion, her nationality, her date of birth, her place of birth, her astrological sign, her age, her life story, her artistic career, what is the secret of the dispute between her and Reham Saeed?, What is her relationship with Al-Ahly Club?, What is the religious program that you presented?, Sama Al-Masry And Kuwait Towers, the most important and most prominent of her works and videos, her photo album, complete information about her that we put in your hands in this interesting article, so follow us.

Information about Sama Al-Masry
The real name in Arabic: Samia Ahmed Attia Abdel Rahman Hadaka.
Real name in English: Samia Ahmed Attia AbdElrahman Hdaa.
Tech name: Sama Al-Masry.
Religion: Muslim.
Nationality: Egyptian.
Born: July 15, 1976.
Place of Birth: Hahya – Sharkia Governorate – Egypt
Astrological sign: Leo.
Age in 2021: 44 years.
Husband: Not married.
Hair colour: black.
Eye colour: black.
Occupation: Actress, presenter, dancer, and singer.
Academic qualification: Faculty of Arts, English Department, Zagazig University.
The beginning of the artistic career: It started in 2012.
Years of activity: From 2012 until now.
Her most important work: the movie “Dada Dodi”.
Sama Al-Masry’s life story
Sama Al-Masry, whose real name is Samia Ahmed Attia Abdel Rahman Hadaka, was born in the town of Hahya, Sharkia Governorate, Egypt on July 15, 1976. Her astrological sign is Leo. She is 44 years old. She finished high school and enrolled in Zagazig University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English Language. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Education, after which she decided to leave her country and travel to Cairo to start over.

The beginning was by working in a bazaar to sell antiques, and I also joined the work in the field of tourism, but did not complete it, and went to work in the stock market in the Department of Public Relations and Marketing and remained for a period of one year, after which I traveled abroad to receive greater support, to return and start in the artistic field as a broadcaster on Al Mehwar channel After that, she decided to prove herself and her talent in the artistic field.

She participated in some secondary roles in some films, and also made some video clips while singing, and this was the first reason for her great fame, but in a counterintuitive and inappropriate manner. It was titled “Folol”.

Sama Al-Masry and Reham Saeed
Sama Al-Masry insulted the announcer, Reham Saeed, by assigning her some inappropriate matters, especially in her presentation, through a video showing Reham accusing her of these false accusations and sending it to all friends through WhatsApp. She was tried after a lawsuit was filed against her and she was referred to the court. By filing a problematic case against the sentence issued to her, which is imprisonment for a period of six months, and the case of the problem was postponed to January 2020, for the Cairo Economic Court to announce its rejection of Sama Al-Masry’s request to question the sentence issued as a result of her accusation of insulting and slandering the media, Reham Saeed.

Sama Al-Masry and Al-Ahly
The star, Sama Al-Masry, posted on her account some photos of her wearing the Al-Ahly T-shirt and commenting on the photo, saying: “It is clear that this T-shirt annoys many, but it makes me beautiful and this is what I want and what will be their comment when seeing the video,” and confirms that she encourages this club. She loves him since her childhood and always follows all the matches in the various tournaments, and added that she loves the red genie and the record holder in the coronation of the African Champions League, by drawing a tattoo on her shoulder in the image of the Al-Ahly eagle, through which she expresses her great love for the club.

Sama Al-Masry and the religious program
Sama Al-Masry announced to her fans on social media that she will present a religious program in Ramadan 2018 entitled “People of Knowledge” and appears in this video as she hides from her severe embarrassment, and concludes her post by adding the link to the program’s channel on YouTube, and she declared through a video of her saying to the audience: “No Someone judges her before watching the program and not to be deceived and go in the direction of spreading rumors, an attempt to distort the image of her program.

In addition, she did not announce the name of any channel that will announce this program, and this confirms that it is just a rumor.” She had previously deceived the public that she would present a religious program in Ramadan 2017, and the advertisement was criticized in many newspapers and on social networking sites, and some lawyers filed suits for doing it With this step and its mockery of the work, they announced a special statement for her, which is: “The National Media Council did not see the map of Ramadan programs, nor any notification regarding the programs, and there is no program for this star in the well-known channels.”

The Islamic preacher Malak Zarar also commented: “This act crosses all borders and insults every Muslim, and that she was not the only culprit, but rather will be the channel that allows this to be published.” The importance belongs to the viewer, but all her plans end when lawyer Tarek Mahmoud files a case accusing her of insulting the religious feelings of Egyptians and demands that she be tried and investigated as soon as possible.

Sama Al-Masry and Kuwait Towers
Through one of the television interviews of the star Sama Al-Masry in Kuwait with the media, Mai Al-Aidan, she published a review video of her in front of the Kuwait Towers, standing in front of the towers, wearing a dress that looks all the charms through her personal account on Instagram, after which she was attacked by the press, media and social networking sites with criticism and sarcastic comments.

The most famous of those who criticized this work is the Kuwaiti star Haya Al-Shuaibi, commenting on this criticism with a new video in which he sends a message to those who criticized her on the previous video, as she appears in front of the Cairo Tower to support tourism in Egypt, and concluded her speech by saying: “Many of her fans wonder about her supporting tourism Other countries do not support her country’s tourism, and she promises that she will surprise them with a new video in front of the Cairo Tower and will publish it through her YouTube channel.

And that is in order to take revenge on everyone who mocked her and that she was excited about the idea of ​​supporting Egypt’s tourism by publishing some videos in many Egyptian monuments and towers.

Sama Al-Masry movies
The movie “Al-Shayeb” in 2015.
The movie “Empire of Maine” in 2014.
The movie “My Aunty Theory” in 2013, she played Lulu El Prince.
In the movie “Ali One W Nos” in 2011, she played the role of a nymph.
The movie “Bintain from Egypt” in 2010.
The movie “Dada Dodi” in 2008, she played the role of Nossa.
In the 2004 film “Saye Bahr”, she played the role of the girl in the tram.
Sama Al-Masry programs
“Cut the Men” program in 2019.
“Hani shook the mountain” program in 2017.
“Your Heart is White” program in 2014.
“The Curse of Our Joy” program in 2014.
She was hosted on the “Ramez Shark Al-Bahr” program in 2014.
Sama Al-Masry video clips
The video clip for “Manfasin”.
Video clip “Ya Ahmed Ya Omar”.
The music video for “You’re afraid of me”.
The song “Manga” to fight the Brotherhood in Egypt in 2012.
Sama Al-Masry pictures
We offer you a bouquet of distinctive pictures of the brilliant star Sama Al-Masry, which shows her beauty, as well as some bold pictures, and she always shares her audience photos through her pages on social networking sites, as well as some pictures of her through some press interviews, parties and events, and also from some of her artworks.


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