Symptoms of the new Corona mutant “Omicron” .. not including the loss of a case


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Sunday 28 November 2021

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A state of terror is haunting the world after the spread of the new Corona mutant “Omicron B1.1.529”, which appeared in a number of African countries, and many countries also decided to suspend flights and travel from the countries of the outbreak of the new virus, which includes the list of prohibited countries (South Africa – Lesotho – Botswana – Zimbabwe – Mozambique – Namibia – Eswatini), which means that the new mutant has spread in 7 countries so far.

On Friday, the World Health Organization included the new Corona mutant in the list of “mutants of concern”, but it warned against hastening the imposition of travel restrictions.

Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society of Allergy and Immunology, revealed the symptoms of the Omicron mutant, in exclusive statements to Masrawy.

Secrets of the new mutant Omicron B1.1.529

Badran said: “The World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus mutant, B.1.1.529, as a ‘worrying’ variant, and it has been named OMICRON. The WHO classifies coronavirus strains as variants of concern when:

1- It is more portable

2- or more ferocious

3- Or it has a greater ability to overcome public health measures, including vaccines and circulating treatments.”

Symptoms of Omicron

Regarding the symptoms, the immunologist revealed: “There are no distinct symptoms so far, the symptoms are similar to the known symptoms of infection with Corona Covid-19, such as:

muscle inflammation

Fatigue for a day or two

feeling uncomfortable

Mild cough in some cases

There is no loss of taste or smell.

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