T-80 tanks use an armored dome for protection from the American Javelin




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Social networks published a video clip showing the Russian T-80 tank, which had an armored dome at the top of its turret.

Commenting on the video, the American electronic portal The Drive said that such armored domes and nets are more and more appearing on the turrets of Russian tanks. It appears that it is primarily intended for protection against the raids of hovering munitions launched by unmanned aircraft.

This reflects, according to Al-Bawaba, a broader trend towards improving the protection of Russian tanks, in which the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh showed some gaps and weaknesses when it was hit by drone strikes.



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The gate believes that the designs that resemble mesh shields are intended to protect the tank from the top. The author of an article published by the gate considers that such domes are still in the experimental stage, and a decision has not yet been made about their shape and components.

While others consider that the armored domes are intended to deter the dangers posed by the American Javelin anti-tank missiles, and pointed out that the installation of protection devices on the turret of the tank can reduce the possibility of being hit despite the presence of the most effective protection devices, such as the Russian-made “Shtora” system that hits the tank. Target indication devices and laser rangefinders for anti-tank missile heads.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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