Taiwan’s sky is on fire with Chinese fighters.. the response was quick


and complain Taiwan, which China considers part of its territory, for a year or more repeatedly Chinese flights Near the democratically governed island, usually in the southwestern part of the air defense zone near Taiwan-controlled Pratas Island.

Over the course of four days, starting on October 1, Taiwan reported that nearly 150 Chinese military aircraft had entered its air defense zone, which is not its territorial airspace but a broader range dominated by Taiwan that gives it more time to respond to any attack.

Intervals Taiwan Ministry of Defense If the latest Chinese air incursion 18 combat aircraft participated in it, in addition to 5 H-6 bombers capable of carrying a nuclear weapon, as well as an aircraft that refueled in the air, which is unusual.

The ministry added that Taiwan has sent fighter planes to warn and deter Chinese planes, while it has deployed missile systems to monitor them.

There was no immediate comment from China Which previously said that such moves are exercises aimed at protecting the country’s sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Chinese state media reported that President Xi Jinping held a three-day meeting that concluded on Sunday with the country’s top military leaders to discuss how to strengthen the armed forces through talent development.

Although reading the statements did not directly refer to Taiwan, Xi stressed the need to modernize the military in order to be able to win wars.

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