The Administrative Court rejects the lawsuit to expel Muhammad Ramadan from the lists of the Representative Professions Syndicate


The Second Circuit of the Administrative Court of the State Council, headed by Counselor Fathi Tawfik, Vice-President of the State Council, decided today, Sunday, not to accept Case No. The profession of acting and not being granted any permits to practice it.

The lawsuit: His artwork solidifies to create a morally distorted generation

In his lawsuit, lawyer Tariq Mahmoud Mahmoud disputed Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, and the artist, Mohamed Ramadan.

The case: the union reflects the values ​​that Egyptians were raised with

In his lawsuit to expel the actor, Mohamed Ramadan, from the lists of the Actors Syndicate, the lawyer stressed that “the Syndicate has always represented the soft power of the Egyptian state, and reflects the moral values ​​and principles on which the Egyptians were raised, but in the recent period and through the developments that the Egyptian state has experienced, a class of representatives has emerged. , headed by Muhammad Ramadan, plays artistic roles that incite acts of violence and bullying, and leads to the prevalence of concepts of deviation in the thought and culture of Egyptian youth, which was evident in a group of them imitation of the mentioned actor in the way he carried weapons and committed acts of violence and bullying in his artworks.

There are clips of young people imitating Muhammad Ramadan

The lawsuit stated: “Video clips of some young people imitating him have spread on social media, as Mohamed Ramadan’s artworks lack the simplest professional and artistic standards to present a distorted and bad example for Egyptian youth, and represent an artistic and moral decline, which represents the decline of Egyptian art, which has long stood as a support. The Egyptian state defends its principles. As for the artworks presented by the aforementioned actor, it is established to create a morally distorted generation, which considers bullying and violence as an approach to it, and that Muhammad Ramadan is the role model for Egyptian youth.”

The lawsuit demanded a summary judgment to permanently expel Muhammad Ramadan from the Representative Professions Syndicate’s lists, prevent him from practicing the profession of acting and not grant him any permits to practice it.

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