The arms of Carteron and the players of Zamalek are behind the rumor of the departure of the French coach


An informed source inside the Zamalek club revealed one of the reasons that led to the emergence of a rumor that the French Patrice Carteron will leave the ranks of the White Castle in the coming period and not return to Cairo again, after the rest that the team obtained, during which the French coach traveled to Dubai to spend the vacation there.

And the source said, that the way Carteron greeted the players of Zamalek with hugs after the last Ceramica match in the league was one of the reasons for the emergence of these rumors, and the French coach was keen to send a warm greeting to all the players, which made some believe that the coach bids them farewell for the last time and will not return.

The source added that Carteron greeted the players in this way because he gave them a long rest for a week, and he did not mean to indicate his final departure, stressing that the coach will return to Cairo on Thursday and hold a session with Zamalek officials to talk about the next stage.

There has been a lot of news over the past few days about Carteron’s intention not to return to Cairo again, after he traveled to Dubai in the past hours, taking advantage of his leave for the white team during the stopping period for the national team’s participation in the Arab Cup.

“The Seventh Day” was keen to communicate with a source close to Carteron to reveal the fact that he did not The return of the technical director to Cairo Once again, as it is reported, and to clarify the facts for the fans, the source confirms that the French coach will return to Cairo on Thursday, as he informed his assistant staff and the players, and he has no intention of not returning.

The same source added that Carteron will hold a meeting with Zamalek officials upon returning to Cairo and before leading the exercises, after the news that the board of directors intends to make some adjustments in the technical staff, as well as impose more discipline within the team, so that the coach inquires about these matters and how to implement them.

The source explained that Carteron’s session with Zamalek officials will finalize the fate of the French coach in agreement with the White Council, stressing that the coach has no intention of leaving and all matters will become clear after the expected session.

In another context, it was reported, during the past few hours, about the presence of A special condition in the Cartieron contractThe technical director of Zamalek, it is forbidden to appoint any member of his assistant technical staff without obtaining the approval of the technical director.

“The Seventh Day” contacted an official source in the previous committee that took over the management of the Zamalek Club to ascertain the reality of the existence of this condition, so that the source confirmed the incorrectness of these news, and confirmed that the technical director’s contract does not include a condition of this kind..


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