The artist, Nader Abu Al-Leef, was exposed to a severe health crisis


The artist, Nader Abu Al-Leef, was exposed to a health crisis, after which he was transferred to the hospital for examinations and analyzes.

Abu Al-Leef revealed his health condition during press statements, where he said: “Praise be to God, I remained the best in my heart, but I am a little tired and I have a few problems with it.

He added, “It is clear that I used my heart a lot for a long time, so he decided to spoil me for a while and bring me back, but thank God I did well.”

It is noteworthy that the singer Nader Abu El-Leef revealed during the last period his cooperation with the partium media production of producer Hisham Abu Shahba, and the poet Ahmed Jaber, in a mini-album called “Alista” which is scheduled to be released during the summer.

Abu Al-Leef collaborates on the mini album with the poet Ahmed Jaber, the composer Muhammad Shehata, the composer Ali Al-Khawaja, and the distributor Osama Abdel-Hadi, and he brings a number of surprises and presents it in a new way from his previous works.


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