The body of a foreign woman with burns and stab wounds was found inside an apartment in Helwan


Detectives in Cairo found the body of a woman of a foreign country, with burns and stab wounds, inside her apartment in Helwan, and she was taken to the hospital.

The emergency operations room received a report of a fire in an apartment in Helwan, and the civil protection men moved to the place, and the fire was controlled and extinguished, and a limited fire was found.

During the examination, the body of a woman of a foreign country was found, with burns and stab wounds.

By conducting investigations, it was found that she was newly married, residing with her Egyptian husband and holding the nationality of the same foreign country. The security services seized the property owner and the owner of the apartment in the incident, and it was found that the victim’s husband had rented her from him, and the Helwan Investigations intensified their efforts to uncover the mystery of the incident and to reach and arrest the victim’s husband.

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