The cassation supports the execution of Muhammad Owais and others in the Bayt Al-Maqdis case and the assassination of the martyr Mabrouk


The Court of Cassation rejected the appeals filed by the defendants convicted in the Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis case, and upheld the death sentence of Muhammad Owais and 20 other members of the Beit Al-Maqdis terrorist organization, issued by the Supreme State Security Criminal Court, in the assassination of Muhammad Mabrouk, an officer in the National Security Sector, and the commission of 54 terrorist attacks. Others across the country, and also reduced the sentence of an accused from the death penalty to life, and reduced the sentence of other accused from life to 10 years in prison, obligating the accused to pay 198 million and 700 thousand pounds to the state.

In March 2020, the Supreme State Security Criminal Court issued death sentences for the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi, Muhammad Owais, and others, including Ahmed Ezzat, the financier of the assassination of the martyr Muhammad Mabrouk, as well as punishing others with life and aggravated prison terms of varying lengths, and 140 convicts were presented in attendance. , Appeals before the Court of Cassation, considered in several sessions.

Investigations launched by the Public Prosecution Office in the Ansar Beit al-Maqdis case revealed that the convicts committed 54 terrorist operations, including the assassination of Muhammad Mabrouk, an officer in the National Security Sector, the martyr Major Muhammad Abu Shakra, Major General Muhammad al-Saeed, the former assistant minister of the interior, and the attempted assassination of Major General Muhammad Ibrahim. The former Minister of Interior, the bombing of the Cairo and Dakahlia security directorates, and other terrorist operations, which injured more than 340 citizens.

The list of charges in which Muhammad Owais and his companions were sentenced to death also included founding and assuming leadership and joining a terrorist group, aimed at disrupting the provisions of the constitution and the law, preventing state institutions from carrying out their work, assaulting the rights and freedoms of citizens, harming national unity and social peace, and collaborating with Hamas. Possession of firearms, ammunition and explosive materials without a license.

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