The CEO of Moderna rules out the effectiveness of his company’s vaccine against “Omicron”


Speaking to the Financial Times, Stefan Bancel said: “I don’t think there is a world where it’s as effective as we had with delta“.

He added, “I think there will be a fundamental shortcoming. I don’t know how much it is because we need to wait for the data. But all the scientists I spoke to said that this wouldn’t be appropriate,” according to “Reuters”.

It is noteworthy that “ModernaOn Friday, it had announced its intention to develop a booster dose of the vaccine intended to protect against Mutant “Omicron”.

As for the companyJohnson & JohnsonShe announced that she is “in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of her anti-vaccine.” for covid-19 against mutants, including omicron.

The company added in a statement that it is simultaneously working on the production of “a vaccine that specifically targets Omicron, and will develop it as appropriate.”

The statement quoted Mathai Mamin, who is responsible for research at Johnson & Johnson’s “Janssen” company, which developed the vaccine against Covid-19, as saying that the company “remains confident” of the ability of its current single-dose vaccine to provide an immune response against various variables.

But Mamen stressed at the same time that Johnson & Johnson can “quickly” begin conducting clinical trials on the new version of the vaccine if necessary.


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