The continuous rise in gold prices globally and locally..and expectations of a new rise


Nadi Naguib, Secretary General of the Gold Division of the Chamber of Commerce, said that gold prices witnessed a global and local rise during the last period due to the statements of the International Federal Bank.

And “Nadi” added in an exclusive statement to “Al-Mustaqbal” today, Wednesday, that gold prices rose by 2 local pounds and 2 dollars globally. Where he scored 21 787 pounds.

He pointed out that the 18 carat amounted to 680 pounds, while the 24 carats recorded the amount of 900 pounds. While the global price of an ounce reached 1791 dollars.

He explained that the rise in gold prices at the local or global level is due to investors resorting to buying tons of gold after they resorted to buying bond shares, which had a significant decline during the last period.

He expected that gold prices would witness a rise again during the coming period due to financial inflation and investors resorting to buying gold after lower interest rates.


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