The Crown Princess of the Netherlands reveals: I see a mental health specialist


A few weeks before her 18th birthday, the future Queen of the Netherlands recounted in a new biography published yesterday (Tuesday) that she is seeing a mental health professional to express her distress, according to Agence France-Presse.

Amalia, the eldest of the three daughters of King William Alexander and Queen Maxima, said she would ask her mother to take the throne temporarily if he died suddenly.

Writer and actress Claudia de Brij has been granted permission by the royal palace to write a biography of Amalia to give a glimpse into the life and follow-up of the 17-year-old heir.

The book reveals that Amalias parents sent her to a child psychologist when she was young because they were worried about her, and that she still regularly sees a therapist, public radio NOS reported.

“I don’t think this is a taboo, and it’s okay to tell the public,” she said in an excerpt from the book, which was reported by the radio.

She added, “Sometimes I get impatient with everything, school and friends… If I feel the need, I take an appointment, just to express how I feel, and then I’m ready for a new month.”

Amalia considered it “normal” to speak to a specialist, especially since her aunt Ines, sister of Queen Maxima, committed suicide in 2018.


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