The Egyptian judiciary does justice to Muhammad Ramadan in this crisis


An Egyptian court ruled definitively in the lawsuit that was filed to demand the removal of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, from the Syndicate of Acting Professions, and to prevent him from practicing the acting profession once and for all.

The court’s decision to reject the lawsuit filed, in which an Egyptian lawyer slandered the artist, Ramadan, in addition to Dr. Ashraf Zaki, head of the representative professions, came to do justice to Ramadan in this crisis.

The details of the crisis occurred when an Egyptian lawyer filed a lawsuit in which Ramadan and Dr. Zaki disputed, stressing in his lawsuit that the recent period witnessed the presence of artworks, the most prominent of which Ramadan presented, inciting violence and crimes, and contributing to the promotion of concepts of deviation and bullying, which appeared in the establishment of a group From the young people imitating Ramadan, and carrying arms as he does in his works.

The lawsuit also considered that the artworks presented by Ramadan lack the simplest technical and professional standards, and provide a bad and distorted example of the Egyptian youth, but the court was not convinced in the end, and issued a final ruling rejecting the lawsuit.

This lawsuit is not the first of its kind that Ramadan faces, especially since it has become a cause for controversy wherever it is resolved, and many lawsuits are pursuing it.

A few days ago, the Musicians Syndicate announced, through its captain, Hani Shaker, the cancellation of the singing permits for Ramadan, and the prohibition of granting him any permission before he was investigated in the Actors Syndicate, for his failure to comply with the pledge signed by him before the Musicians Syndicate, and for his singing naked.

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