The European Medicines Agency approves the use of the Pfizer vaccine for those aged 5 years and over


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The European Medicines Agency has announced that children aged 5 years and over should be allowed to receive the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine against the Corona virus.

The decision, announced today, Thursday, paves the way for the European Union to approve the first vaccine to vaccinate children under 12 years old against the Corona virus.

The move has yet to be approved by the European Commission, but that is a formality.

Children five years of age and older will get a third of the dose of Pfizer that adults get, followed by a third dose three weeks later.

The Medicines Agency confirmed that studies had shown that the vaccine was safe and effective. No side effects have been detected so far, and the maximum average effects that were recorded were injection site pain, fatigue and headache.

Experts began examining studies conducted by vaccine manufacturers last October.

It is noteworthy that so far, the use of the Pfizer vaccine has been approved in Europe to vaccinate those aged 12 years and over. However, in Israel and the USA, children as young as 5 years old can be vaccinated with it.

Agency experts said that it is extremely rare for children to be infected with the Corona virus, but they can become ill. Experts concluded that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh its risks.


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