The first official comment on “offensive images” in a Turkish book taught in Syria


The first official comment on

The Syrian Ministry of Awqaf strongly denounced what it described as “dangerous insult and insult” to the shrine of the Prophet Muhammad, commenting on a book issued by the Turkish Ministry of Education, which caused an uproar because of images offensive to the shrine of the prophet.

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Distributed by the Turkish Ministry of Education..a textbook containing drawings of the Prophet Muhammad angers the residents of northern Syria (video)

The ministry said in a statement that “some websites circulated images from a textbook issued by the Turkish Ministry of Education for the first grade, which is a book on the Prophet’s biography that contains drawings and images offensive to the shrine of the Prophet, which is distributed to schools in areas controlled by terrorists and agents of the Turkish occupation in northern Syria.”

In the first official comment from the Syrian government on this, the ministry said that the Jurisprudence Council (affiliated with the Syrian Ministry of Awqaf) expresses its “strong condemnation of this abuse and serious infringement” on the shrine of the Prophet.

The statement added that the council affirms “that such acts expose the true face of the criminal Brotherhood (the Syrian description of the “Muslim Brotherhood”), and their cowards who disguise themselves in the dress of religion.”

The statement said: “Such a step comes within the context of the contempt of those, and behind them, the Turkish occupation of all sanctities and sanctities, starting from bloodshed to occupying lands, to insulting the shrine of the prophets, peace and blessings be upon them.”

He added that “attempts by the Ottoman Turkish occupation and its lackeys will not succeed in sabotaging the minds of generations and distorting their sanctities, just as they did not succeed in the past in falsifying history and reversing the facts.”

The statement concluded by saying: “Their occupation of the Syrian lands and their attempts to obliterate the identity will inevitably vanish, with God’s permission, victory and support.”

The first official comment on

Syrians of various political orientations in the country and abroad circulated pictures from the book, one of which shows a man in modern clothing under a title indicating that he is the Prophet Muhammad.

The book, which was distributed by the Turkish Ministry of Education in schools within the areas under its control in Syria, sparked a wave of anger, and was considered to be an insult to the Prophet.

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