“The Honeymoon Buzz”… The audience comments on Khaled Alish’s post after his return


04:40 PM

Monday 29 November 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

The artist Khaled Alish revealed the details of what happened with him and his wife on their trip to South Africa.

And “Alish” wrote a post, through his personal account on the “Facebook” website: “Gentlemen, fellow journalists and media professionals, but the reality is that we, thank God, are good. It is true that there is no need for the resonant titles and strange terms, “Honeymoon is a heart of gloom.” “Detained.” “Honeymoon Buzz”

And he added: “Until the time when I wrote this, we are fine and our vacation is as it was. We ended it a day before the time, but the tourist program we did it all, and we reviewed it, praise be to God, and we did an analysis at Cairo Airport before entering in application of the new preventive measures called ID NOW, and it came out negative, thank God. And we will complete the precautionary measures that were notified to us by the competent authorities.”

And he continued, “The Egyptians can go and go to South Africa, normal, with procedures and instructions, because Egypt Air has canceled one flight, but the one who comes and goes to Johannesburg, and this is not our plane, basically. Why do we want to be sullen and sad? We go down stories and we laugh and are happy, why are we determined? in sullenness.”

And he continued: “The stories and pictures that I download are not for you to take them to make news. My plane has only 12 passengers coming from South Africa, all of them came out negative.”

And he added, “Finally, we wish everyone’s safety and follow the procedures followed by the concerned authorities.”

Comments poured in from Khaled Alaish’s fans and came as follows: “Praise be to God, congratulations and praise be to God for safety, praise be to God for safety, and congratulations on the passport. This is the tax of fame. May God make you happy, Lord.”

Yesterday, broadcaster Khaled Alish announced that he was detained with his wife in South Africa during his honeymoon; Due to the decision to stop flying due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Khaled Alish published a new video, revealing the details of his detention through the Astori feature, through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

Khaled Alish said in the video: “We are still in South Africa, Britain and Japan, which stopped flying because of Corona, but we are fine, and we are looking for a flight as soon as possible.”

The announcer continued, “We were supposed to leave South Africa and head to Dubai, but the flight was canceled due to precautionary measures.”


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