The most important information about the “Ho” area in Qena.. It includes 190 factories and provides 7000 job opportunities


The Hall Industrial Zone, affiliated to the Nagaa Hammadi Center, north of Qena Governorate, includes more than 190 factories, and provides 7,000 job opportunities for girls and young men..

The industrial zone is located in “Ho” in Nagaa Hammadi, on the Ho road south of the aluminum complex, at a distance of 15 km from the city of Nagaa Hammadi, and it is built on an area of ​​500 acres..

There is a central for all works with a capacity of 5000 lines, the civil works were completed by the executing company and the equipment for the central was installed by the Egyptian company.

The industrial zone contains a two-storey building, the upper first floor of the industrial zone administration, which carries out the work of handing over the land to the investor, obtaining building and operating licenses (temporary – permanent), connecting facilities to investors, solving investors problems and presenting follow-up reports to the Board of Directors.

The area enjoys the installation of an overhead line with a medium voltage of 8.8 km for each cable of 5 km length for every 392 columns and 3 kiosks with a capacity of 500 kV..

The Small and Medium Industries Complex is built on an area of ​​300,000 square metres.

It includes 191 factories, 25 of which are producing, 75 factories are under construction, land is being allocated and permits are issued for 91 factories..

Occupancy rates are 28.23% at an investment cost of 925 million pounds and provides 7000 job opportunities.

The industrial complex includes 28-hangars with 240 industrial units with areas ranging from 144-240 m, and the percentage of total works implementation reached 50%.

The total cost of the industrial complex reaches 700 million pounds.

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