The Mufti of the Republic on tourism: It is not forbidden and entire countries converted to Islam because of it


Shawki Allam added, in his meeting with the media, Hamdi Rizk, on the “Nazra” program broadcast on Sada Al-Balad channel, that tourism is a legitimate and permissible matter so that a person can learn about the conditions of past and current nations and exchange knowledge accordingly.

The Mufti of the Republic explained that the first Muslims were the sons of the Arabian Peninsula, and they expanded to the Levant, Egypt and Iraq, and then set out to the horizons. Their hands are many, and entire countries have entered Islam thanks to the movement, tourism and travel of Muslims for science, trade and tourism.

And the Mufti of the Republic added, “Ibn Battuta’s journey was not for the purpose of trade, and if we asked him about the reason for his travel and deportation, he would say that the Holy Qur’an commands me to walk in the land and monitor the movement of urbanization.”

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