The problem of Arab refugees stranded at the borders of the European Union .. Iraq takes the initiative and the UAE intervenes


In recent months, Belarus’s border with Poland has turned into a major arena through which the bitter suffering faced by the refugees stuck there, especially those from Syria, Iraq and Yemen, has emerged.

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Lukashenko announces the readiness of the UAE to join efforts to resolve the migrant crisis

In the past, the spotlight has focused on this region, after the number of refugees looking for an outlet to Europe increased, and it became a refuge for many who were forced by difficult conditions in their countries to risk their lives and families, in order to reach the gates of the European continent.

To face the repercussions of this crisis, which has turned into a conflict issue between Belarus and the European Union, Iraq has taken the initiative to make efforts to alleviate the suffering of its citizens stranded at the borders of European countries, as the Iraqi Ministry of Finance has allocated the equivalent of $200,000 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help Iraqi refugees and try to voluntarily return them to Iraq. .

And the spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, had said earlier that Baghdad would return Iraqi refugees wishing to return to their country from Belarus in the coming days, adding: “We are still until this hour documenting the names of those wishing to return voluntarily.”

Al-Sahhaf reported that the Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein “instructed the Iraqi embassies in Moscow and Poland to send diplomatic cadres to Belarus and the border strip extending between Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus towards Poland to find out the numbers of Iraqis there and to check on their safety and to coordinate and communicate with the relevant authorities in those countries.”

Al-Sahaf also indicated that “the Iraqi government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and through an official statement, made it clear that the national carrier, that is, Iraqi Airways, has suspended its flights from Iraq to Belarus, but return flights are still continuing.”

Since August 5, Iraq has suspended flights between Baghdad and Minsk, with the exception of return flights to return migrants. At that time, about a thousand people were returned.

As for Yemen, the Minister of the Interior of the internationally recognized legitimate government, Major General Ibrahim Ali Dedan, announced that the authorities of his country had no official information about the presence of its citizens on the border between Belarus and Poland, and the Belarusian side did not contact the Yemeni Ministry of Interior in this regard.

The Yemeni Minister of Interior promised to communicate with officials in Belarus to find out the number of Yemeni refugees, and to the Yemeni consulate there to find out their conditions and whether they could return, noting that some of them may have been living outside Yemen.

The Yemeni minister pointed out that the emergence of Yemenis among illegal immigrants in other countries is a new phenomenon in the country, and it began, according to him, only in recent years, with the arrival of the Houthi rebels to power in the country.

While the suffering of refugees, especially Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis stranded on the Belarus border continues, international efforts have focused in the past period on preventing the arrival of more of them by air from Turkey and the UAE by stopping the transportation of citizens of these countries on flights to Minsk, and perhaps in the coming days, a search for An exit for those stuck in this area.

In this regard, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that the UAE is ready to join efforts to resolve the refugee problem at the border with the European Union.

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