The singer of the “Road of the Rams” party reveals the secret of the last call


describe Al-Fashni What he did at the Rams’ Road party was “dazzling”, which “will remain a luminous sign in my artistic history, and I will never forget it throughout my life.”

And the Egyptian singer continued, in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “I was very afraid before going to the stage, but all this faded as soon as I saw the president. Abdel Fattah Sisi Smiling and supportive to everyone. I felt like I was singing in my family, the energy we all had helped us succeed and look like this.”

“Luxor Baladna” is one of the most famous Egyptian songs, and it was broadcast for the first time in 1967 during the movie “Love in Karnak”, which is one of the most prominent films in Egyptian cinema.

The singer, whose performance was well received by the audience watching the concert, added: “Maestro Nader Abbasi has a distinguished artistic value, and when I met him on a television program and sang the song (I love my voice) with him, he invited me to this paragraph of the concert.”

Al-Fashni added: “We worked for about a week, we did not sleep. Permanent rehearsals in order for the paragraph to appear perfectly. Everyone was working with all his energy, and when we see the work of everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, in this way, we all had to be on one heart.”

He stressed that “from the accuracy of the rehearsals that we were performing, we were studying our expressions on the stage and the movements we would make, and any timings that needed us for different expressions, which made everyone reach the stage of passion and addiction to success.”

The Egyptian singer added: “I always read the Qur’an before going up on the stage, and I talk to my mother and my uncle who raised me, and I ask them to pray for me. My fear before the concert made me always ask my mother to pray for me for facilitation.”

Al-Fashni sent a message of thanks to everyone who participated in the ceremony, saying: “I thank everyone whose hand was extended to help, even with the slightest bit. You were all up to the responsibility and made the whole world talk about Egypt and its greatness and fascination.”

The celebration, which was held in the presence of Sisi and a number of prominent officials, aims to promote tourism in the country the shortestAnd highlight the city’s diverse tourist and archaeological components.


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