The World Health Organization issues a “recommendation” for the elderly on “Omicron”


and saw World Health Organization, that “a travel ban in general will not stop the spread of OmicronAt the same time, it recommended that those over the age of sixty not travel.

She said: “Applicants should be over the age of 60, who are among the most vulnerable to infectionCoronaPostponing their plans to travel outside their countries, due to developments epidemic“, according to Agence France-Presse.

The mutant raises major concerns, because it is possible that the mutations in them will circumvent the immunity that humans obtain thanks to vaccination.

South Africa, which is the home of the latest mutated Corona, expressed anger and resentment at the decisions to suspend flights with it, along with its neighboring countries, on the grounds that it was cooperating with the international community, so it rushed to share the information and did not remain silent.

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