Tigray Front: Ethiopian Air Force bombed the “Tekezi” hydroelectric dam


The Tigray Front revealed that the Ethiopian warplanes bombed the “Tekezi” hydroelectric dam, according to Al-Arabiya TV, in an urgent matter a while ago.


The bloody war continues between ethiopian army And the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which broke out about a year ago, and suffered in it Ethiopian government Huge losses, in front of the front’s great advance and its control of more important cities, which prompted Abi Ahmed’s government to take surprising decisions by mobilizing the Ethiopian people for war and imposing a state of emergency.

In the latest developments in the conflict, the Minister of Planning and Development, Eleni Gebremedin, was suspended from her position as an independent economic advisor for her participation in a meeting held to discuss the formation of a transitional government against Ethiopian government.

A statement by the Independent Council for Economic Consultations said: “We announce the suspension of Eleni Gebrimedin, who was working as an independent economic advisor, on November 28, 2021,” after revealing a leaked video of a conspiracy to overthrow the state, and the video conference was organized by the Center for Peace and International Development (PDCI) and numerous publications in social media, and that Dr. Eleni Gebre-Meden, an active member of the ICEAIt has been implicated in statements that raise questions about its obligations to provide non-partisan economic advice to the Government of Ethiopia.

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