“Time for bed” .. the daughter of the Prime Minister of New Zealand interrupts her during a broadcast


09:14 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021


The daughter of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern interrupted her mother during a speech during a live broadcast on her account on the social networking site “Facebook”, in which she talks about the measures to confront the new Corona virus in the country, and the video spread among the pioneers of the communication sites.

Her 3-year-old daughter slipped out of her bed during her mother’s speech via the live broadcast, and she is discussing with her followers easing the restrictions of Corona.

The child’s voice was heard calling “Mama”, to the response of New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern: “You’re supposed to be in bed,” and she asked her three-year-old daughter to go back to sleep, saying: “It’s bedtime, my love, go back to bed and I’ll see you in a second.” .

Jacinda Ardern apologized to her followers during the live broadcast, before her daughter reappeared in the live broadcast and interrupted her again, and the Prime Minister told her followers: “It was a bedtime failure, wasn’t it?” Ardern had to end the live broadcast with her followers, saying, “I’m sorry honey, it took so long” and ended the live broadcast at this point to go back to doing her homework.

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