Turkish official: Turkey has never had a problem with the Egyptian people


Turkish official: Turkey has never had a problem with the Egyptian people


Deputy Chairman of the ruling “Justice and Development” Party in Turkey Numan Kurtulmus

Numan Kurtulmus, deputy head of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey, said that his country had no problem with the Egyptian people, and that its position was against the “coup”, because it “has been subjected to coups and coup attempts.”

In a television interview on Monday, Kurtulmus called on the Egyptian government to take a “decisive decision to establish democracy in Egypt,” and said: “We call on the Egyptian brothers to solve internal problems through dialogue and adhere to democracy.” And he added: “I say that the basic rule is to increase dialogue, brotherhood and cooperation, and from the beginning we did not have any problem with the Egyptian people. We stood against the coup as a country that was subjected to coups and coup attempts.”

In an attempt to improve official relations between the two countries, Turkey and Egypt held two rounds of consultations this year on the normalization of their relations, and agreed at the end of the second round in Ankara last September to continue these consultations.

Source: Anatolia

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