“Two corpses in the morning”… The story of the death of two newlyweds inside their home in Qalyubi


01:54 PM

Sunday 28 November 2021

Qalyubia – Osama Aladdin:

The village of Abu Al-Maati, affiliated to the Shebin Al-Qanater Center and City, Qalyubia Governorate, witnessed a tragic incident after two newlyweds were killed on their wedding night, due to inhaling carbon monoxide gas from the water heater while they were showering. They were taken to the hospital, but their death was found.

The clock was pointing at one oclock at night, when the mother of the bride began calling her daughter to check on her, but she did not answer her, so doubt entered the mother’s heart, as the mother ran to the family home and told the father of the groom that her daughter did not answer the phone despite calling her more than once So they went up to the apartment of the newlyweds and knocked on the door, but without answering, they decided to break the door of the apartment to discover that the newlyweds were lying on the ground, and they rushed them to the hospital, but they were not helped by fate.

Major General Mohsen Shaaban, Director of Qalyubia Security, received a notification from the sheriff of Shebin al-Qanater police station, stating that a report had been received from Shamilah Hospital in Shebin al-Qanater, receiving the bodies of two newlyweds who had died of inhaling carbon monoxide gas from the water heater while they were showering.

A police force at the center moved to the scene of the incident, and with inspection and examination, “Ibrahim S.A.A.”, 22 years old, a worker, and his wife, “Ruqiah.A.M.,” 19 years old, a housewife, and they reside in the village of Abu Al-Maati, the center’s circle, died after inhaling them. Carbon monoxide gas, leaking from the water heater, while they were showering in the apartment bathroom on the morning of their wedding night.

By asking the family of the deceased, the father of the deceased, and the mother of the wife, they admitted that while the family was checking on the deceased in the morning, and by knocking on the door, they did not respond, so they broke the door of the apartment and entered it, and discovered the death of the victim inside the bathroom while they were taking a shower, and there was a leak of heater gas And they inhaled gas, which led to their death.

The two bodies were transferred to Shamilah Hospital in Shebin al-Qanater, until their death was immediately confirmed, and report No. 10407 for the year 2021 was issued to the Shebin al-Qanater police station, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigation.

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