US prosecutors seek prison terms for drug lord El Chapos wife


US prosecutors seek prison for drug lord's wife


US prosecutors are seeking a four-year prison sentence for the drug lord’s wife, known as “El Chapo”, after she pleaded guilty to drug distribution and money laundering charges.

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Mexico gives the house of drug lord El Chapo as a prize during the national lottery

Prosecutors said in a memorandum filed in the US District Court of Columbia that Emma Coronel Esporo, the wife of Mexican drug dealer “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, should also lose $1.5 million of her fortune.

Esporo also admitted that she acted as a courier between her husband, “El Chapo” and other members of the “Sinaloa” gang while he was being held in Mexicos Altiplano prison.

It is reported that the drug lord was arrested in January 2016 and extradited one year later to the United States. He was convicted in February 2019 on drug smuggling, conspiracy, kidnapping, murder and other charges, and was sentenced in July 2019 to life imprisonment.

Source: “Reuters”

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