Video- Annabella Hilal dazzles the audience at Majida El Roumi’s concert


The Lebanese media appearedAnnabella Hilal As an Arifa at the Lebanese singer’s partyMajida Al Roumi​ In Dubai, the exceptional evening was presented at the Media City Dubai amphitheater after being chosen by the Tourism Authority to present Mrs. Majida Al Roumi.
In her speech on the stage, Annabella addressed the audience, saying: “Dubai is the country of the world, it does not sleep… Nor do those in charge of it while they sleep… One obsession is waiting for them: Tomorrow! It will be a part of me!”
She continued, “Congratulations to Dubai for its uniqueness and leadership. Our eyes, and the eyes of all the Arabs in the Emirates, have long since become an example of development, safety, diversity and leadership.”
She welcomed the Lebanese singer, Magda Al Ramy, with her words, saying: “A star of all years, who does not catch up with Dubai but does not come back?! People’s longing is waiting for her. I yearn for peace, freedom, love, friendship, and other values ​​that you share with the UAE.”
Annabella praised Magdas voice, saying: “Tonight, Magda El Roumi’s exceptional voice will take us into the world of dreams, and at the same time he will awaken the conscience and dwell in the conscience…
To a woman who is not all women, a voice above voices, and words that are not like words.”


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