Video – You will not expect Hussein Fahmy to comment on his brother’s divorce case


The star Hussein Fahmy was keen not to respond and comment on the crisis of Mustafa Fahmy’s sister and his ex-wife, Faten Moussa, refusing to give any explanation about this personal problem.

And the Egyptian star only responded in an interview with the mbtrending program, saying: “There are no problems in life that continue, and there are no surprises in life, there are no surprises.”

He continued on a question about the existence of previous problems between them: “The world is always in it, but he is not there to respond to the issue,” stressing that he always supports his brother.

The lawyer, Sana Lahzi, spoke about her client, the Egyptian star, and confirmed that the marriage lasted 4 years, not 6 years, as it took place in 2017, and the divorce took place in 2021, and that during the four years there were permanent problems, although Musa always published family photos.

And she announced that “the final big problem that put an end to marriage is the one that occurred before Musa and Fahmy traveled to Lebanon to attend her sister’s engagement, before Fahmy apologized for traveling with her, refusing to reveal the details of the big problem, considering that it was a house secret, and the brother of his ex-wife was present at the time and his opinion was The only solution is divorce.”


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